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Malta: Mediterranean Gateway to Europe

Malta is a strategically located archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean. Malta is a popular tourist destination, particularly famous for its warm climate and architectural and historical marvels. The Maltese economy is highly advanced and depends mainly on mining, manufacturing, tourism and foreign trade. The political climate of Malta is highly stable and it has excellent air links to numerous destinations.

The Malta Residence Investment and Visa Program offers an opportunity for a non-Maltese person or a family to acquire an EU residence card enabling them the right to reside in Malta indefinitely and travel visa-free throughout the Schengen, Dubai, UAE & USA Area. Under the Malta Residence and Visa Program, an individual can acquire a residency card in just 3 – 4 months.

Key Highlights

Minimum Investment (Real Estate): € 320,000

Minimum Investment (Bonds): € 250,000

Minimum Investment (Donation): € 30,000

Minimum Time to Residency: 3 months

Qualifying Criteria

A Maltese resident enjoys a favourable tax regime as there is no tax on either foreign income or inheritance. Moreover, the entire family: spouse, dependable children, parents and grandparents are eligible under the Malta Residence and Visa Program. A resident has the benefit of getting medical insurance cover, access to prestigious universities at low tuition fees and an easy work permit application process.

An eligible applicant can extend the (5 yearly) residency indefinitely by renewing it. The applicant must be of high net-worth, purchase government bonds, and be able to hold their qualifying property for at least 5 years.

Why choose Malta ?

Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area
No income tax
No residency requirements
Spouse, dependable children, parents and grandparents included
Easy work permit process

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any residence requirements under the Malta Residence and Visa Program?

No. There is no residence requirement prior of after the approval of residency.

Is there visa-free access to EU countries?

The Malta Residency and Visa Program allows a PR holder to travel visa-free to 26 European countries that are the part of Schengen Agreement.

Can the family members be included in the residency program?

Yes. Entire family is eligible. Spouse, dependable children, parents and grand parents can be included.

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